Henry Moore


1898 – 1986

Henry Moore (1898-1986) was an English sculptor. Though he started his career as a teacher, Moore’s true passion was to sculpt. After serving in WWI he returned home on a military grant to follow his passion to be a sculptor. In 1924, he was appointed as an instructor at the Royal Academy for seven years. After teaching at the Royal Academy, he joined a group of artists known as Unit One to teach at the Chelsea School of Art, where he became identified as a Surrealist. Though primarily a sculptor, in 1940 Moore was appointed as a war artist to create drawings of life in bomb shelters.

In the following years, Moore was hired by the church and the public to commission several sculptures. He died in 1986 in England and gave many of his works to the Tate Gallery, London.

Shelter Sketch Book

Dimensions: 7.375 x 8 in

Medium: Lithograph

Price: $6,800